Materials Science and Engineering Core Curriculum

Editors: Kenneth R. Shull, Jonathan Emery, Northwestern University
Last File Update: Feb 27, 2024
301Course Sequence
301 * , 314
* Can also be taken spring quarter freshman year.


The aim of this project is to provide an up-to-date repository of course documents defining the core curriculum in Materials Science and Engineering at Northwestern University. Most of the documents are produced by LyX (, graphical interface that takes much of the pain out of working with LaTeX files. LaTeX, in turn, is the only realistic option for a project this big. The project is a work in progress, and is actively being developed by students and faculty at Northwestern, with the editable files located in a set of GitHub repositories. The status of the different course documents is variable, depending on the resources that we have been able to devote to different courses.
A single text file corresponding to individual core classes can be obtained from the links in the table above. In addition to a narrative description of the content of the course itself, these files include catalog descriptions, course outcomes, problems and labs. Information for 315, 316-1, 316-2, 331, 332 are all relatively complete. 314, 361, 390 and 396 are complete enough to be a useful resource, but substantial editing is still needed. 351-1 and 351-2 still need to be developed.

Curriculum Summary Documents

These documents include aggregated content from the entire core course curriculum: